Kings Arise & take Dominion – USA coast to coast – ALL Authority lives in you – Instant Revival Fire

Philippines Youth continuing to train others in Miracle Evangelism

The youth’s stories of personal transformation are beautiful. They said, “We expected to sit in the back with our friends as we go to the special meetings. But the 1st day we are doing miracles on the streets. The 2nd day he has us leading others on the streets doing door to door healing. The […]

Why most believers aren’t seeing instant healings, but can.

Why I Stopped Praying for the Sick

Jesus will be the only name remembered and glorified. This Miracle Awakening is a move of God! We all want to see World Wide Revival & outpouring, Everyone drawn to Jesus, not a man, not a ministry, not me. No Heroes but Jesus! When I pray for people and they get healed, they love me, […]

As You Go – Healings: Lupus, Shoulder implant, Crutches

Beautiful Emotional Life Transformations as people are healed by those we just trained! 3 short videos. 1,2,3: 1- Needed a plastic shoulder implant, Family shocked she can lift her arm, falls on floor crying. 2- Lady on crutches 4 months “What did you do to me? The Pain is Gone!” 3- Look at his friends crying as he […]

Miracle Awakening Team $1200+ air Missions Colombia July 22

YOU will DO Extreme Miracles Every Day, Guaranteed! SUMMER IN COLOMBIA- MISSIONS INTENSIVE TEAM TRIP: July 22-30 or July22-Aug 6 Come experience the Miracle Awakening and see what true revival is like. This is a Jump Start Missions Intensive with daily teaching with no holding back. You’re at the front lines, Immersed with the fullness […]

Miracle Awakening – Colombia Jan& Feb – 747 Healed by those we just trained!

747 Healed + 1055 Saved + 404 Trained = Miracle Awakening. Fast highlights of 7 videos of Jan&Feb Colombia. Watch Gang Revival, Extreme Miracles by youth, Kids Healing door to door, Street healings. Kids doing the healing in churches. Churches instantly exploding with growth. 95% were instantly healed, 95% by those we just trained to […]

Watch Kids Heal the Adults – “You have opened our mind”

?What? You started with KIDS praying for the SICK with 10 years of PAIN? Shouldn’t you start kids with something easy? I did. IT’S ALL EASY if GOD is in YOU. * At the end of the service, the kids prayed for everyone that was sick. Pastor said “YOU HAVE OPENED OUR MIND TO WHAT WE […]

4 Life transforming miracles as I teach youth to pray for each other.

4 Extreme Miracles by youth praying for each other, CCF Colombia

4 Extreme Healings by youth off to the side of Randy Clark’s meeting at CCF in Colombia as I teach them to pray for each other. 1- Born w leg 1″ short & twisted knees, girl runs freely 2- Guy on crutches for 4 years runs & throws down crutch. 3- Eyes healed sees screen for […]

Gangs, Mayors, Parks & Miracles in Colombia Jan 2017

Here are brief highlights of Jan.  A Gangs comes to Jesus then starts healing each other. Healings in the Mayor’s office. Park miracles flow for an hour. Please watch the Update & Gang videos below. They will blow your mind. We are so Honored by the incredible glory of God that is manifesting in Colombia. We needed […]

Best Year Yet! What makes it so Incredible? What makes us so Unique? Church Explosions & Amazing Miracles

 2016 the BEST YEAR yet ! CELEBRATE with us ! 10,458 people ministered to. 5,237 gave their lives to Jesus. Populating Heaven! 1,236 instantly healed & demonstrating they were healed. 504 people trained and healed the sick. WHAT MAKES THIS SO INCREDIBLE ? 95% of our results this year were done by those we just trained […]

2016 Summer: Amazon, Peru, Brazil + 7 cities in Colombia

Summer Missions Intensive in 3 countries & 7 cities = 481 People were instantly Healed & 577 gave their lives to Jesus by 279 believers we trained to get out of the church & share Gods love! We focused on training people to heal the sick on the street, get immediate results to open their […]

2016 Peru = 3568 Salvations & 388 Healings – Shocking Testimonies

Watch a 10 year old paralyzed girl stand for the first time in 3 months, then walk free. Please Share this good news. 3 weeks in Peru, like Living The Book of Acts & walking w Jesus everyday. 3568 Salvations & 388 Instant Healings. Thank you Jesus! In the Jungles and the Andes mountains, the […]

First 2 weeks in Colombia = 220 Saved + 71 Healed

Transforming testimonies of 220 saved and 71 healed as Jesus went about doing good and healing. Acts10:38.’ Medellin, Colombia, voted “Most Innovative City in the World”, but we are in the worst part, where drugs are done openly on the streets, witchcraft, homeless & gangs are everywhere. PLEASE PRAY for us! We’ll be in Colombia 2 […]

South Africa & Zambia – Gov’t Leaders & Witch Doctors – Treasure Hunts & Bush Villages

  BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE were ushered into eternity by the Father’s Love. Their lives are changed forever, now free, loved, valuable & blessed. On this trip to Africa we ministered to 745 people, trained 185 leaders, led 73 to Jesus & saw 24 healed. Thank you for being a part of this eternal work. WILD LIFE: […]

Peru 2015 – Greatest Impact to entire Jungle city

This Peru trip caused one of the widest impacts bec we influenced so many areas of people & culture. As always, we ministered in Schools, in parks & did a city crusade seeing many come to Jesus and be healed. But also we bought dinner for 90 business people to teach them Biblical success principles, […]

Spring 2015: Honduras Amazing Adventure

What an amazing trip as we spent most of January and February 2015 in Honduras. We ministered to thousands, over 100 were healed drove through rivers to minister at remote schools, washed our clothes in the creek, ate iguana, our canoe tipped over, drank lots of coconut juice… Be sure to watch the other videos too. […]

Honduras Mission Trip Results

Honduras was an incredible trip! God touched so many lives! Watch the video to see a recap of everything that happened.  

First 10 Days in Honduras

Everyone was surprised! We’ve got to share the amazing things that have been happening the first 10 days of being in Honduras!

Honduras Mission Adventure Preview

Here is a preview of what we will be doing in Honduras!

Join us on our Adventures by video

Come along and experience missions by our periodic video clips. Live the life and see behind the scenes of missions with us as we share short videos of what we do and the uniqueness how the rest of the world lives in other countries. See the people up close that are changed for eternity by the ripple effect […]

Guatemala This Stuff is GREAT! Join us!

Check out what is going on in Guatemala!

2014 July: Peru, 19,466 led to Jesus w Global Ventures

It was an amazing week of harvest in Peru with 19,466 people led to Jesus by 5 Global Ventures teams & night crusades. Our team led 4,348 to Christ & hundreds of healings in schools, parks & streets. Thank you for helping us reap this abundant harvest! Glory to God! It was an extremely busy […]

2014 Spring – Guatemala Results Jan 11 – April 1

Last winter we were asked to come to Guatemala for almost 3 months to help Cross Culture Jesus train their new staff with our leadership qualities & experience. Every week we helped to disciple to over 200 children in Bible Clubs, schools and feeding programs, teaching the kids to worship and enter the presence of God, […]

The Next Adventure! Summer in Guatemala & Peru

An amazing door of opportunity has opened for us to do a larger crusade to reach 5-10,000 in the remote Andes mountains of Peru partnering with John Smithwick. We will stay for a month doing follow-up, leadership training, discipleship for sustained kingdom growth and smaller village crusades. Fresh pioneering, love it. Heading back to Guatemala for […]

2013 Winter: Guatemala winter trip

We have been invited back to help with Cross Culture Jesus. They said we made such an impact on their team, the kids and the churches that they want us to stay longer to bring love, joy, healing, blessing and to expand their ministry outreaches. We have such a heart for needy children to show […]

2013 Fall: Kenya Results

Kenya was full of surprises. The landscape, the people, the results. Amazing! I went with 2 other ministers from Faith Landmarks Ministries in Richmond, Va. to hold leadership conferences in 4 cities in a week. We also offered them to be a part of FLM Fellowship of Ministers, Ordination and the FLM Bible school correspondence course […]