Spring 2015: Honduras Amazing Adventure

What an amazing trip as we spent most of January and February 2015 in Honduras. We ministered to thousands, over 100 were healed drove through rivers to minister at remote schools, washed our clothes in the creek, ate iguana, our canoe tipped over, drank lots of coconut juice… Be sure to watch the other videos too.

We worked with a medical mission team going into 7 remote villages that have no access to hospitals or medical care.  We were the prayer station to preach the gospel and heal the sick.  We saw over 799 people come through the clinics and 239 people received Jesus and 111 people were instantly healing.  We give God the glory.  The team was 16 people from Canada & USA, plus 16 local Hondurans. IMG_1080

Just a few healing testimonies: a lady’s knees were in such a bad condition that 2 people helped her shuffle over to us, we prayed for her and she was completely healed and walked freely.  Another man walking over with a crutch, had a stroke and his legs were uneven and when we prayed for him, he was completely healed and he left carrying his crutch.  It was great to see the excitement on peoples faces and tears running down their faces as they were healed and filled with His glory.  So many people were thankful that we were doing these medical clinics and praying station that they came to us and said “thank you for coming and helping us”.  It was worth all the sacrifice of conveniences to be with these people and see them changed.

With the team, we also went to a women’s prison.  Carla shared on God’s love abiding in them and that Love fulfill’s the law.  If we have love, we don’t steal, kill or be angry. And that God loves them and they are still valuable. The women were so thankful that we had come and to share God’s love with them.

Honduras SchoolIts always an adventure as we road in a 4×4 truck crossing over 4 rivers to get to a one room school building.  It was times when I was scared and wondered where we would drive and how were we going to cross the river, but with God’s grace all things are possible.  The school building held Grades 1 – 5 with only 18 children and we were able to share the gospel, drama, and games with them.  We also ministered in 2 other schools and it was so much fun doing drama and looking into their faces.  They just laughed and smile so much.  What fun the children were in receiving Jesus and for us to go to the ends of the earth to share with them.

Our trip also consisted of preaching in churches and home groups.  One little girl kept sitting in my lap and constantly getting up and down but kept coming back to me. She was so hungry for love.  What a joy to love on the children and for them to love you.Carla & girl at Home meeting

We also did children clubs in preaching the word and one little girl just came over and hugged me.  The children are always seeking to be loved on.  Not much attention or love is given at home.  The clubs were full of activities and I loved doing drama with the locals.  Also, it was fun making a circle and laughing and playing with the children with music.  It was like Jesus having fun with his children and experiencing His love for them.

At the end we ministered to a church in El Progresso that was televised on Victory TV and then Fielding preached in the morning on their TV show that reached 500,000.  Wow, a lot of people heard the gospel and were able also to say the salvation prayer.

God is a BIG God and He is always with us every where we go.  Its always amazing sharing God’s love, power and glory to the ends of the earth.

Thank you for your love, prayers and support.  Together you have equal rewards with us for lives being changed, healed and having eternal life.

Thank you for helping us GO and impacting the nations! The Ripple Effect created will continue through eternity!IMG_0712

Upcoming trips:

May 2-28 in Peru

We’ll be going back to the jungles to a city of 5000 people, doing a Pastor/Leadership conference with daily witnessing in every neighbor hood then have a crusade to impact the whole city. We’ll help establish an orphanage, Child Feeding Center, plus taking 4x4s into the deep jungle to reach some unreached tribes. there is still time to join us on this.

June 4-10 or 4-19 in Guatemala

The Tournament outreach was so successful last year, we will be doing it again, only bigger. We’ll put together a bicycle, skateboard and soccer tournament to minister to hard to reach teens. We will also be ministering to the abundance of children that come to the feeding centers and Bible Clubs. We need team members to help love on these children and reach the youth. Come on, only $940 plus airfare.

August-Sept in Columbia

We’ll be working with a thriving Bible school to help their graduates start churches by doing crusades and street ministry in major cities and unreached villages. We will be taking a team for a week, then staying  another month to continue discipling the nation.

GET INVOLVED:Beautiful Children

Your gift today, no matter the amount, can help us provide food and water and other basic necessities for impoverished families living in these Central and South American countries. Also education and training for pastors and church planters, and crusades to bring souls into eternity. That is the reason we sacrifice and do what we do.

   You can also help us buy building materials to help build an orphanage and Feeding Center, host a tournament and conference, plus evangelize families by reaching out to hurting teens and kids with the amazing hope of Jesus Christ. We can personally tell you…the opportunity to reach the lost in these nations has never been greater.

   Please pray and ask the Lord what He would have you give …then respond as He leads and obey His direction. Your gift today and your continuing support in the future…will enable us to deliver the vital help they need and lead many more thousands to the life-giving hope of Jesus Christ. 

Lets go Harvest the Nations Together! 

God bless you… and thank you. 

Fielding and Carla Cage