As You Go – Healings: Lupus, Shoulder implant, Crutches

Beautiful Emotional Life Transformations as people are healed by those we just trained! 3 short videos.

1,2,3: 1- Needed a plastic shoulder implant, Family shocked she can lift her arm, falls on floor crying. 2- Lady on crutches 4 months “What did you do to me? The Pain is Gone!” 3- Look at his friends crying as he walks without his cane, healed of lupus, always in pain of level 10 instantly gone to 0!


1- SHOCKED that she can lift her arm again. She NEEDED A PLASTIC IMPLANT bec of little mobility & pain, 2 days ago she came home crying in pain. Now Jesus healed her. We were teaching a group to heal the sick door to door.  Today 18 were instantly healed & 13 saved! Go Jesus! She fell to the floor, surprised and thankful! “Thank You Jesus! I Love You! I Love You! I Love You!”


2- LADY on CRUTCHES 4 MONTHS walked by, I stopped her. “This is scary. All the Pain is Gone” “What Did You Do To Me? This was after a little girl just healed a lady inside. Over 20 were healed tonight as we trained them how simple it is to do Miracles. Christ in you, let Him out and he will show off!


3- LUPUS HEALED & his Leg GrewOut 1″. His Pain went from 10 to 0 & walked freely without his cane.  9 were healed & 15 saved tonight at a meeting in a clothing store. We had believers who had never prayed for healing before lay hands on them & they ALL were healed. Another Disease & Devil Bites the Dust! Sons of God Revealed Miracle Awakening Jesus is the only hero.


We are teaching a simple message of Christ in you and easy mustard seed faith. They keep saying “A Miracle is that easy?!” God is doing a Miracle Awakening.



BRAZIL: Aug 22-Sept 5 – We are taking 1 Colombian with us to mentor him as he helps us train more people. Cost = $3,700

PANAMA:  Sept 5 – 18 – We are taking 4 Colombians with us to greatly increase our effectiveness as they help us train more believers to get out on the streets and heal the sick. Cost = $2,700


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