There is so much MORE freely available for you.


What now?

God healed you to show you that He Loves you, Jesus is not a religion, He is alive, powerful, cares about everything in your life & wants a personal relationship with you. Talk to him as a friend & listen with your heart.

Read the New Testament of the Bible, and see the amazing things God has for you as your inheritance now.

You can heal the sick too.

As a son of God, you can do what He did. John14:12

Download the teaching notes: How to Heal the Sick in 10 seconds

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I got SAVED.

What happened to me?

If you just said something like “Jesus, you died in my place & rose from the dead so I can have a new life. Forgive me & I repent from my sins. Jesus, I make you Lord of my life. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. I receive your love for me. Thank you for making me completely new.” 2Cor5:17

You have become a son of God, you are made in His image & likeness and are filled with his fullness. Old things are passed away. You have been given Authority & Power & His nature and are blessed with all things.

Learn who you really are & what you have as a son of God by reading the Bible, start in the New Testament.

Here is a 1 page list of verses to get you started, WhoIam

Who I Am as a son of God

& what I can do.

As a son of God, you have been given Authority & Power to represent Him and bring His will on earth as it is in Heaven.

Read these POWERFUL verses of what God says you are and have NOW as a child of God.

Download this sheet, read it often, look up the verses & be transformed by the living word.

Go to the Who I AM as a son of God page.

You are so Valuable, Loved, Appreciated and UNLIMITED!

ALL things are possible for you.

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