Miracle Awakening – Colombia Jan& Feb – 747 Healed by those we just trained!

747 Healed + 1055 Saved + 404 Trained = Miracle Awakening. Fast highlights of 7 videos of Jan&Feb Colombia. Watch Gang Revival, Extreme Miracles by youth, Kids Healing door to door, Street healings. Kids doing the healing in churches. Churches instantly exploding with growth.
95% were instantly healed, 95% by those we just trained to heal the sick, Mostly on the Streets & by Youth!
“A miracle is that easy!?!” and “No pill can remove pain that fast”

Come on a trip with us & you will do Extreme Healings everyday & see true Revival, July 22 in Colombia. Experience new passion for Jesus & people as you are immersed in his Love & Power. You are Unlimited! Be the light & watch darkness flee! Arise Shine, His Glory is on YOU!
We Guarantee if you come with us you WILL heal the sick and see many miracles. Guaranteed.

THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOU. Sons of God, Reveal yourselves Rom8:19.
NOW IS THE TIME TO GO ! Jesus already said 5 times the Great Commission = GO INTO ALL THE WORLD & Preach, make Disciples and Teach.
God is pouring His Spirit out on all flesh.
Come with us and help us reap this Abundant Harvest!

Help us Reach More, Change More Lives, Transform Nations & Populate Heaven. Great is your Reward.

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