Why I Stopped Praying for the Sick

Jesus will be the only name remembered and glorified. This Miracle Awakening is a move of God! We all want to see World Wide Revival & outpouring, Everyone drawn to Jesus, not a man, not a ministry, not me. No Heroes but Jesus!

When I pray for people and they get healed, they love me, reach out to me, people come running to me, want me to come back, blah blah blah. They think I am gifted and special. Nope.
Its not about me, but Jesus. We want people to follow Jesus. Not me.
I have others pray for the sick so they see Jesus as their source, not me!
Jesus in every believer wanting to get out and show His power & love to everyone.



We train believers to heal the sick by realizing the fullness of God is in them. So when people are healed, they realize it is not the person, but Jesus. THEY FALL IN LOVE WITH JESUS, not any person. When others lay hands on the sick, they know it is Gods power in them and they fall more in Love With Jesus!
We get other believers today hands on the sick, so they know it is not a special gift on us, but God’s power in them!!!

In the last 9 months we have seen over 1500 people healed, 95% by those we just trained to heal the sick, These are not big meetings or crusades, its one at a time, training others to do the works of Jesus . Many have never seen a miracle before. 95% on the streets. I don’t pray for them so they don’t look to us, but realize it is Jesus in every believer doing the miracles.

Too many people are trying to build THEIR ministry instead of GOD”S KINGDOM. Their face is in every picture, showing what they can do, that they got the anointing. Not any more.

But God is doing a New Thing, pouring his Spirit out on all flesh. This Miracle Awakening is for everyone, the Sleeping Giant is waking up to what we have in Christ and what we can do.
All creation is waiting for the sons of God to reveal themselves Rom8:19. and bring Gods Love Power & Glory everywhere they go.

Watch other videos and see it is Not us praying for the sick but those just trained.

Share this to encourage others to go heal the sick, it does NOT take a special gift.
Go out and Love someone