First 2 weeks in Colombia = 220 Saved + 71 Healed

Transforming testimonies of 220 saved and 71 healed as Jesus went about doing good and healing. Acts10:38.’

Medellin, Colombia, voted “Most Innovative City in the World”, but we are in the worst part, where drugs are done openly on the streets, witchcraft, homeless & gangs are everywhere. PLEASE PRAY for us! We’ll be in Colombia 2 months.

The first week we were with 23 people from Wisconsin and 15 locals. Gang leader got saved as we did outreaches, loving on the poor, homeless, drug addicts, doing home visits, building a house and ministering to children!! VIDEO link below.

The 2nd week, after the team left, Carla & I went to help a church of about 30 people in the neighborhood of the rival gang of where we were last week. We saw 34 healings and 54 salvations that set the church on fire.

The first day, Pastor Juan was going to show us around the neighborhood before Wednesday service. First he stopped at a house to get us a drink and a snack, I asked if we could pray for anyone on the way. As we started out he said here is the lady who is sick. She has a virus in her bones, is in pain and can’t walk unless someone helps her. We laid hands on her and the pain left, she felt strong & walked without help. Also another mans side was healed. Next people walking by heard the praise and came in for healing. 5 people instantly said & demonstrated they were healed & pain was gone. Word spread fast so at church many new people came and people were standing outside listening through the windows. 7 more were healed & 7 gave their lives to Jesus! Glory!

Sunday a man came to church for the First time, he finally believed in God when he saw his wife healed, walking freely without pain. Of course he eagerly got saved along with 2 others & 7 more were healed. VIDEO below.

Sunday afternoon we did a Street Crusade where bullet holes are in the walls from gang fights. 40 received Jesus & 2 were healed!

“My son is going to be killed by his gang” a lady said asking for prayer, “20 of them came to the house demanding he come out, but I would not open the steel door.” As we prayed, I saw smoke, so said it will come to nothing, drifting away like smoke. Monday the lady with the gang son said, they said they won’t kill him if he leaves the area now. Wednesday we went by her house, he was outside, safe, saying “it has come to nothing”.

God displayed his Power, Love & Presence to everyone as we did home visits Mon, Tues & Wed seeing many salvation, healing & testimonies. One lady was healed of headaches, arm & leg pain & kidney problems and was taking 11 pills. Her husband asked for prayer bec hasn’t had a job in a year. 2 days later he had a job & she had only taken 1 pill since all symptoms had gone!!

-An old man was in bed who couldn’t get up or walk, got up by himself & walked around without pain, arthritis gone moved hands freely, the family was shocked.

-Man on a breathing tube from inhaling toxins at work 3 years ago, pain left, took the tube out, could breath deeply & received Jesus!

-Girl would get angry and mean but knew it wasn’t her, plus she had complications from a miscarriage. We cast the demon out & laid hands on her, she felt something leave, felt light and free & pain gone.

-Girl with back problems prayed for at street crusade left feeling no change, but Wed told us she was now completely healed and so in love with God!

-24 year old man with headaches from birth felt a poof, a release & all pain was gone.

Yes, Jesus went around doing good and healing all that were harassed by the devil for God was with him. Acts10:38. The works I do, you will do also. John14:12

Video link of Fun Street Crusades at

Video link of first week

Thank you for your Prayers, Love & Support that make it all possible!!!