Gangs, Mayors, Parks & Miracles in Colombia Jan 2017

Here are brief highlights of Jan.  A Gangs comes to Jesus then starts healing each other. Healings in the Mayor’s office. Park miracles flow for an hour. Please watch the Update & Gang videos below. They will blow your mind. We are so Honored by the incredible glory of God that is manifesting in Colombia.

We needed to ask the Mayor if we could do our outreach in the park. The secretary asked what we could do. We said “Sharing Gods love and value for everyone and healing the sick”. she said “Healing the sick?”. Yes, let me show you. Who has pain or sickness in your body? All 4 ladies did. I had the pastor’s daughter pray for them and they were healed. They said we should come back to minister to more in the offices.

At the park we did our balloons, beach ball, drama & presented the gospel. But when we explained healing, no body would say they had pain or sickness. After a long while, one lady raised her hand. The pastors daughter, who is new to healing the sick on the streets, laid hands on her and she was healed. Once they saw it worked, people kept coming for an hour and were getting healed. As people walked near to see what the crowd was about, they heard the healing testimonies then asked for prayer.

In 4 days  91 people were healed and 56 gave their lives to Jesus. of course we didn’t pray for anyone, we let other believers lay hands on them so they would see it was Jesus’ power in them, not us gringos.

Next week we will be leading teams for Randy Clark of Global Awakening.

Watch the Update & Gang Healing Revival videos below.

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