“I know the Plans I have for you” says the Lord


*  Healing Training Duplication

Training simple Healing Evangelism & put them into full time ministry.

Duplicate  x3 trainers, x3 Countries: Colombia, Philippines, Kenya +++

* Ship: Missions Training & Healing to smaller Islands

Training & Discipleship for 2 months & weekly teams

Reach the unreached & forgotten. Disciple them to Demonstrate God’s love & power.

Caribbean islands, Indonesia & coast lines w boat for 20-50 people

* Missions Training Center Base

3 month Action based Bible School then Go. Continue correspondence training OJT

School:  Kid’s schooling, Business, Leadership, creativity, Alternative medicines, music

Retreat center & Recovery center & Orphanage & school.

Branches in 3 countries, 100 acres, Beach front.

* Childrens Home, Orphanage, Street kids School, Refugees

Home for 50 kids + 7 staff

School for basic education, music, business

Training: farming, building, medicine, welding, vehicle repair

Refugees: Venezuela … Train in trades & building as they build their homes, base & communities.

* Remote Village Water, Solar & farming

Clean water filters & Solar electric w batteries & lighting

Dig wells in the village, self sustaining farming

* Crusades

Small & Big