2014 July: Peru, 19,466 led to Jesus w Global Ventures


It was an amazing week of harvest in Peru with 19,466 people led to Jesus by 5 Global Ventures teams & night crusades. Our team led 4,348 to Christ & hundreds of healings in schools, parks & streets. Thank you for helping us reap this abundant harvest! Glory to God!

It was an extremely busy week partnering with John Smithwick Ministries Int’l and Global Ventures July 11-18, 2014 in the Andes Mountain cities of Huancayo, Sapallanga and Chupaca. We ministered in 4 to 7 places a day from 7am to 9:pm. We did a program that included a clown, drama and the gospel being presented to them.  The people were open and received salvation and healing wherever we went.  We would set up a speaker on a busy street corner, park or market and just begin to play music and invite them to listen to the great news we had to share. Then invite them to receive forgiveness and healing.

John & Martine Smithwick of Global Ventures

We ministered to a lot of teens and encouraging them that they were valuable and how to resist peer pressure and that God has a plan for their lives.  One high school had 1,500 boys and we saw at least 800 raise their hands to receive Jesus.  Everyday, kids loved to see us come as we also did games and loved on them.  So many beautiful kids in Peru and lots of hugs from the kids.


Some of the miracles that we want to tell you about:

  • A man with cancer on his back said it was gone with no more pain.
  • An 8 year old girl came running to us crying saying that she had always had pain in both of her feet but now all of the pain was gone.
  • Another 8 year old girl was limping around in pain for 6 years, after prayer the pain was gone and went off running to play.
  • 14 children came up for headaches, stomach aches leg or foot pain and all were healed.
  • many that couldn’t see well or hear, said they could see and hear clear
  • One little girl healed of epilespy.  No more shaking of the head.
  • Other miracles in adults that were healed of shoulder and neck pain, tumors gone, female problems gone, gall bladder pain gone and a lady with cancer that her pain in her chest and under her right arm was gone.
  • Many teachers, eager for prayer, excitedly testified and demonstrated they were healed.
  • Hundreds more demonstrated they were healed. We dont take their word for it, we make them show us they can freely do what they couldnt do before.
Some of the best testimonies are from youth that have never prayed for the sick before and have little confidence in their prayers, yet they see God heal people anyway!  God was doing amazing miracles and we give God the glory.
 This has been an amazing trip to see so many people come into the Kingdom of God and be healed.  Also, many teachers received the Lord and thanked us for coming.  One teacher was praying that day that someone would come to their school and bring encouragement to them.  Our team was an answer to her prayer.


Now that the team is gone, we’ll stay in Peru for 3 more weeks to help the pastors in following up on these precious souls who came to the crusades and filled out a form.  We have been invited to teach at churches and train on how to follow-up and disciple these beautiful people. 
Please continue to pray for our health, safety and provision.  We thank you for helping us build His Kingdom for the fields are ripe for harvest. These eternal rewards are yours also!
We love you all so much!
Thank you for your love, prayers and support that keep us Go Harvesting the World, together!
Fielding & Carla Cage