2016 Summer: Amazon, Peru, Brazil + 7 cities in Colombia

Summer Missions Intensive in 3 countries & 7 cities = 481 People were instantly Healed & 577 gave their lives to Jesus by 279 believers we trained to get out of the church & share Gods love!

We focused on training people to heal the sick on the street, get immediate results to open their hearts to become a child of God! Their lives were EXTREMELY CHANGED. Thank you Lord Jesus!
Youth groups, home groups & churches exploded with 2x or 3x growth instantly JUST by SHARING the LOVE with POWER & Demonstration. They were set on fire with passion for souls, miracles & Gods presence just by going out & being shown how easy it is.

We Go Make Disciples = do what Jesus did and train others to do the same. We saw many people who just gave their lives to Jesus pray and heal the sick. Then those just healed pray and heal someone else. They think thats what Christians always do… witness, heal the sick & share the Love of God with everyone. Fear not little flock, it is your Fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom! 

Lets Go! Truly the Harvest is Great, but the laborers few, pray to send laborers into the fields. Luke10:2
VACATION with a PURPOSE ! Join us some time: Visited 3 countries, eat exotic food, rent motorcycles, Impact nations, heal the sick, win souls, populate Heaven, helping & sacrificing for others. It’s life changing!
A 13 year old girl on a missions trip told her dad “This is a fun family vacation”. 

Thank you for sowing into the Great Commission: to Disciple & Harvest the Nations!! This is your harvest.
Great is your reward!

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