2014 Spring – Guatemala Results Jan 11 – April 1

Last winter we were asked to come to Guatemala for almost 3 months to help Cross Culture Jesus train their new staff with our leadership qualities & experience. Every week we helped to disciple to over 200 children in Bible Clubs, schools and feeding programs, teaching the kids to worship and enter the presence of God, so Amazing!
The children are so hungry for love they come every week to hear the word of God, some walking over an hour to get there. As I was on my knees hugging every child as they came in, Sarah the founder said with teary eyes “That is the only loving hug many of these kids have ever gotten from a man”. God’s love is wonderful.


In mountain villages we did crusades in the dirt streets, sending whistle balloons & a beach ball in the air to draw the children. Prayed for the sick and watched God heal & bless.

Hiked the mountains to take groceries to 50 families in their homes made of scrap wood, dirt floors and beautiful filthy children, like this little 6 year old girl carrying wood on her head.


Hosted a missions team. At a public school we ministered to 1000 kids with drama, games & the gospel. Nearly all raised their hands to receive Jesus. The children came to hug the team with us and wouldn’t let go. It melted their hearts with the love that was flowing. They saw how easy it is to make a huge difference in peoples lives.



Thank you for partnering with us in discipling the nations. Great is your reward!

God is calling us to MORE to MULTIPLY and INCREASE!
More Time on the front lines of the Mission Field
More Crusades, Ministry, Healings & Souls
More People Experiencing the Presence of God
More Discipling Nations, Leaders & Children
More Teams taken to Mentor people in their calling
More Building Churches, Training Centers & Children’s homes.

It only takes 10 partners on 2 levels to MULTIPLY and INCREASE our effectiveness.
10 partners @ $200 /mo = Crusades, Remote Villages, Travel, Starting Churches
10 partners @ $100 /mo = Base living expenses to Discipling Nations
Yes, we can live on just $1000/mo overseas and impact eternity.
Only $2000 more to multiply the harvest, reaching the unreached.

THIS IS THE BEST PLACE TO SOW into the Kingdom ! Why ?
People tithe faithfully every week to many big ministries and 95% goes to overhead and salaries leaving less than 3-5% for the Great Commission.
We put the gospel first and our needs last. We have no car payments, no mortgage, no debt or salary. When you sow with us, your money goes to spread the gospelOur hearts are to GO reach those who are hungry for the truth of God’s love.

This is the Great Commission…

Matthew 28:19 Go make disciples of all nations, teaching them…
Mark 16:15 Go into all the world and preach the Good News…
Luke 24:47 Repentance and remission of sins should be preached to all nations…
John 20:21 As the Father sent me, I send you…
Acts 1:8 You shall be my witnesses … to the ends of the Earth.
This is what Jesus told believers 5 times to do. Nowhere did he say build a big church and make it comfortable so everyone is blessed and content.  Jesus said Go, Nations, Send, to the ends of the Earth … Partner with us. Lets do it Together!

This is for YOU to MULTIPLY and INCREASE also NOW in this time.
2Cor9:10 God supplies seed for you to give and bread for your needs will MULTIPLY what you have given and INCREASE the fruits of your righteousness, WHILE YOU ARE ENRICHED IN ALL THINGS causing thanks giving to God. This is your promise NOW.

Also we’re looking for Partners who will give at least 3-5% of their business or personal income monthly to Go Harvesting so we can be an extension of you and spend more time doing what we are all called to do, harvesting the Kingdom of God!

Follow what the Spirit is telling you now, click the Donate button . . . It’s that easy

You are Blessed and God is your supply.

Those we reach will thank YOU for eternity.

We Love and Appreciate you so much !!!

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