Kings Arise & take Dominion – USA coast to coast – ALL Authority lives in you – Instant Revival Fire


USA * USA * USA is ready
People are Hungry for Truth
Instant Revival

Hey.  We really appreciate you, your prayers, love & encouragement!

We are joining together to set this nation free from the principalities and powers that have been in controlling things ILLEGALLY
from coast to coast.

Dallas, TX July 16-17
Moravian Falls, NC Sept 10-11
Jacksonville, FL Oct 8-9
San Diego, CA Nov 12-13

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What we will be doing:
Since we are Seated with/in Him, in heavenly places and we have the mind of Christ,

From the Throne Room, we get His battle plan.
From the Throne Room, we DECREE a thing and it is ESTABLISHED.
From the Throne Room, we speak the (Fresh, Alive & Powerful, Rhema, not logos) word of God, John3:34 that angels operate with. Ps103:20

We are in Him. He is in us.
As He IS, so are we. 1John4:17
We are FAR ABOVE ALL principalities, powers, might and dominion & EVERY name that is named. Eph1:21.
This is given to us the church to fulfill ALL things. Eph1:22-23

God is waiting for us, His body to put his enemies under his footstool. Heb10:13
All creation is waiting for us, the sons of God to manifest his Glory and set them free from corruption. Rom8:19-22.
Waiting until NOW. :v22

ALL AUTHORITY in heaven and earth is given to me, so GO, I am with you always, to make disciples of all nations. Matt28:18-

Behold I give YOU authority to trample on serpents & scorpions & over ALL the power of the enemy and NOTHING shall hurt you. Luke10:19

3- All Authority in Heaven & Earth LIVES IN YOU:
Keep speaking love, life, blessing, truth, integrity & the answer into every problem.
We are the answer. Col1:27
WE ARE HIS BODY on earth.

I know you are doing this.
Keep spreading his Glory in the spirit till the whole earth is filled!

4- Instant Revival Fire:
It’s so simple.
It happens all over the world & finally in the US too.
When we train people to get out and demonstrate God’s Love through Healing,
the church is SET ON FIRE.
Again in Virginia recently,
Friday – night, we took people on a Heavenly Places ENCOUNTER in the Throne Room. So intense, so intimate, such glory, the word coming alive before you.
Oh the authority we carry as a king!
Saturday – trained on How to Heal the Sick in 10 seconds then went out & demonstrated God’s Love through power. Broken backs were healed, feet, knee, shoulder, rib… problems healed + salvations.
They were so SET on FIRE.
Sunday – they had a special speaker, but asked us to quickly teach & have them heal the sick again. Then lay hands on them to commission & commit them to Evengelism with Power continuously as a way of life.
The testimonies keep coming in.
Glory to God.

Yeah. It’s that easy. Instant Revival.
Get out & love on people!
The KINGDOM is not in word, but in POWER. 1Cor4:20

5- Coming to ya:
We will be available to do meetings for you the week after each of the meetings above for those in the area.
Contact us to set up a Heavenly places or Healing or Kings Arise training.

We can go anywhere to help you & your group.
Just be ready to continue to duplicate this training after we leave & Help us get to you.

We don’t take up offerings.
We live by faith and trust God as our only source,
but do need money to GO … into all the world.

!! We Love & Appreciate you more than you can know !!

If you want to Invest Eternally into this Miracle Awakening
or get involved in these people, healings, lives transformed, souls,
or to just keep us Going into All the World,
Great is your Reward!
Now & in the age to come.

My God will Supply ALL !
We have some blessed monthly supporters.
We usually get only 2-4 offerings taken up for us each year.
The rest is random miracle provision & giving.
It’s the Body of Christ working together, needing each other.
Many say, “I can’t go, so I’ll send you in my place”.
And we both share Equal Rewards together!
If you’d like to sow monthly, check the “Recurring” box on PayPal or Cash link:
Thank you for your support, prayers & love that help us keep going freely!!