4 Extreme Miracles by youth praying for each other, CCF Colombia

4 Extreme Healings by youth off to the side of Randy Clark’s meeting at CCF in Colombia as I teach them to pray for each other.

1- Born w leg 1″ short & twisted knees, girl runs freely

2- Guy on crutches for 4 years runs & throws down crutch.

3- Eyes healed sees screen for first time & bursts into tears.

4- Arthritis pain 5 years gone, moving legs wildly.

Plus 3 others were healed that weren’t as dramatic: shoulder, suicide/depression, back.

They were all surprised as I had THEM pray for each other.

A guy asked me why don’t I pray for them? Bec you would think I’m a special powerful minister & thank me. If you pray, you will see that it is Jesus in you that is powerful, praise Him & fall more in love with Him !!!

Detailed stories of girl born with twisted kneed and short let & Disappointed Crutch guy below.

1 A 22 yr old girl came up Born with a leg 1″ short & knees twisted in. I had another girl pray for her leg to grow out. “?Me pray?” Yes you have the same Jesus in you. After 4 min her legs were even & knees straight. Walk. She said it felt different. The other girl said we always made fun of how she used walked. Run. She ran and said she couldn’t run bec her knees were bent in and would hit each other. Glory!

2 Cruthes guy was so disappointed, hurt & angry as he walked away from the stage. The crowd of 2000 was down to 50 people left, The team of 35 had almost all gone up to eat and a few people were still praying for people up front. I see the cutch guy hobbling away after many had prayed for him & he didn’t get his healing. I went to him & said I know you have been prayed for many times already, but these guys haven’t prayed for you yet. They are awesome. They have just healed each other of short legs, bad eyes… The Fullness of God is in them. Let them pray 1 more time.

The group of 7 laid hands on him, spoke life, strength, healing… He could bend a little but still hurt. Its working! Again. A little less pain. Again. They kept enforcing God’s will be done on earth as in Heaven! Take the crutch away. Try to walk. They held him up. He put weight on his foot. It worked. but pain. Rebuke the pain. Walk. (This is Working of miracles) They helped him, them let him go. They shouted bec they all knew him. keep walking & speaking life, strength. He felt good. Run. They all shouted as he ran back & forth. He took his crutch and threw it down and said I Don’t Need You Anymore!!  Glory to God!!

I keep crying & crying for joy at what God is doing! Thank you Jesus for letting me go to work w Daddy today & watching him do miracles. This stuff is incredible. You gotta come on a trip with us & experience this yourself!


We love you. You are Awesome!

Gang Healing Revival video at bottom of Update, click here

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