Peru 2015 – Greatest Impact to entire Jungle city

This Peru trip caused one of the widest impacts bec we influenced so many areas of people & culture. As always, we ministered in Schools, in parks & did a city crusade seeing many come to Jesus and be healed. But also we bought dinner for 90 business people to teach them Biblical success principles, ministered to Gov’t, Military & church leaders. Did many upgrades to an orphanage by replacing a tiny plastic cracked sink w a tile counter top with stainless double sink and a 3 burner stove. We got them 2 nice tables so they can all eat together & to do school work on, built a large pantry & shelving then filled it w cookware & food, plus mattress & bedding. Turned the rocky steps to the back and bathroom into wide smooth concrete walk way. That was really hard work so we jumped in the river to clean off & cool off.  The last day we were taken deep into the jungle mountains, on scary roads to the coffee farms to bless 50 farmers & workers on the first day of harvest.

Thousands of people are GIVING THANKS FOR YOU, for your Prayers & Support that make all this happen. Again, we Thank You. “Your deeds of kindness and benevolence will go on FOREVER”. 2Cor9:6-9. You see, You really do create a Ripple Effect on earth & eternity! Great is your reward!!

Check out this video to see the details. Woohoo! What fun being a laborer together w God (Eph5:1) watching His Love, Power & Word affect so many lives!

Come with us as we go back June 18-25, 2016 with a team to reach the 3 towns near by. We will take each town in a day by ministering in the schools, streets, parks then do a crusade in the town square that night. Then end with the 4th day in the central city of La Merced with a big crusade. We will reach thousands of souls that week and create a title wave Ripple Effect in the region and Eternity!! You gotta come.


! ! ! P l e a s e   p r a y   f o r   u s ! ! !

God has opened to us more harvest fields in 2016, to win more souls & impact more lives. There are 5 trips planned next year which is way more than we can do alone. We need your help to bring in this Huge Harvest!

The harvest is ready, don’t wait. Pray to send laborers out to reap the harvest now. One sows, another reaps & together they celebrate the rewards! John 4:35-36

You can be a part of this Huge Harvest and see many lives changed & blessed. As you give, we reap the harvest for you, to your eternal account.

Lets go into all the world together. Go Harvesting Missions