Philippines Youth continuing to train others in Miracle Evangelism

The youth’s stories of personal transformation are beautiful. They said, “We expected to sit in the back with our friends as we go to the special meetings. But the 1st day we are doing miracles on the streets. The 2nd day he has us leading others on the streets doing door to door healing. The 3rd day we are on fire & transformed. By the end of the week, we are doing parts of the teaching. After 3 weeks we are doing all of the teaching, leading teams out and doing the miracle testimony time after we get back. They made us feel so powerful, valuable, important and needed. It made us all fall so much more in love with Jesus in a whole new way.” “I know God has called me to do great things.”

Below are several 2-3 min video links of the miracles that happened while I was there. Watch the shock on peoples faces when they pray for people and they get healed. “The last day” video – Their excitement praying for a completely deaf lady and her hearing clearly from a distance. The blind lady seeing again, a tumor on a chest, “Where did it go?” and shoulder pain “I blinked and the pain was gone. Can it be that quick?!”

19 year old prays for herself & tumor disappears.

One 19 year old girl, after seeing many healings the first 2 days said, “Im going to pray for my own healing”. She had a tumor growing in her chest for 4 years. Her parents wouldn’t take her to the Dr bec they know they couldn’t afford the operation, they were going to just let her die. The felt so invaluable. BUT now she realized Jesus was in her and could heal her too. That night she prayed, commanded it to go and be healed. The next morning it was completely gone! Now, after being discipled in healing evangelism, she knows the is a valuable minister that God can use to impact many lives. She has a purpose effecting eternity.

This is making Disciples.

Before going to the Philippines this summer, I asked them to have some youth join us that we could train in Healing Evangelism so they could continue after we leave. 7 of them caught the vision, fire and are addicted. For 2 months since Ive been back, every week they send me pics of a new group or church they trained, took out and of the people that get saved & healed. 

They say “It is like everyone is waiting for us, to bring God’s love & healing to them.” 

Yes, “All creation is waiting for the sons of God to reveal themselves” Rom8:19 and display God’s goodness to everyone. 

Here are a few short powerful videos:

Day 5 – Boss & workers get healed & saved 

Day 7 – Youth heal 43 & 66 saved in 2 hours, Supernatural Evangelism training 

Day 9 – 30 Years of back pain healed after simple training 

Day 17 – Almost raised the dead, but healed instead.

Day 20 Last Day- Blind see, deaf hear, tumors gone, kidney stones disappear

THIS IS YOUR HARVEST & REWARD. Thank you for your Love Prayers Support & Encouragement that make this happen. We are ONE BODY with everyone doing different parts.

WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER! You are Vital to these results and the fruit that abounds to eternal life. Woohoo.

You are the body of Christ.

All things are possible.

You are unlimited!

THANK YOU for helping us GO into all the WORLD and make disciples!

Let’s Go!



Next – We went to Japan & Sri Lanka

Then – Finally, same miracles happening in USA as overseas!!