South Africa & Zambia – Gov’t Leaders & Witch Doctors – Treasure Hunts & Bush Villages


BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE were ushered into eternity by the Father’s Love. Their lives are changed forever, now free, loved, valuable & blessed. On this trip to Africa we ministered to 745 people, trained 185 leaders, led 73 to Jesus & saw 24 healed. Thank you for being a part of this eternal work.

WILD LIFE: I was surprised at the wildlife seen starting just outside the city. Many monkeys and wart hogs running across the road plus some giraffes, antelopes & mongoose. Pastor Kimo Bethea from Fla. & I had flown into Johannesburg, S Africa. Drove 4 hours to Botswana border then 1 hour on dirt road to where the Bible school base & farm had been for 10 years. Left early at 3:am, drove 8 hours + 2 hr at border customs. Took a ferry across river to Zambia where the property is that we will be camping at for the next 5 days.

CAMPING? Wasn’t expecting camping, specially in Africa. We spent 3 hours putting up the tents and the temporary cook station. Fortunately the bathroom had already been built except the roof, so we showered by the light of a full moon. Nice. Nice and cold too. The temp is good, 75-80, in the day. Woke up in the night freezing at 50 deg. Had to put on 2 pair of pants and 4 shirts to warm up.


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BUSH BIBLE SCHOOL: A space was cleared under the trees so we could teach in the shade. The property is 8 acres given by the chief for Livingston Missions Center, the new Bible School base. They do a 6 month missions school plus train in business and farming. Graduates move into remote villages, bring in business or farming to bless the village people. This opens their hearts to receive the gospel. They start a church and duplicate the Bible school. Extremely effective. There are 20 LMC schools and the regional overseers were brought in for training and refreshing while we were there. They received so easily, entering right in to the glory of God.

EVANGELISM? My session was evangelism so I started with worship. Then talked about the verses: we are seated in heavenly places, and Citizens of heaven so Come boldly to throne of grace. As we worshiped in His presence, we received his peace, love, joy… We just stayed and delighted in Him. I told testimonies of how easy it is to pray and receive from there as we stayed in that place of God’s love, peace and acceptance. Many told how they were touched, got answers so easily and saw things they’d never seen before with God. Evangelism? Yeah. All ministry flows out of relationship and intimacy with God. In His presence you realize how loved you are. We love him bec he first loved us! Now we can go love our neighbor as yourself.

WITCH DOCTOR: Walked 45 min to village after teaching the team Treasure Hunting. Found our clues and ministered to many bringing freedom and healing. As a man walked near, they said “thats the witch doctor.” I ran to him, hugged him, said God loves you, you are valuable, important and are created for a purpose. He didn’t receive, but God loved on him.

As we threw around a beach ball, 60 children came running. The team was out hunting so we did a kids crusade. In total, 40 were saved and 15 healed. Walked 45 min back to our camp site in the dark. Awesome. Fortunately no lions are near here.

Saw Victoria falls which is 3 times bigger than Niagara Falls. It is dry season so the falls were low. Got bunk beds for the tents. Saw some baboons, giraffes and 4 elephants on side of road. That’s cool.


KINGDOM CULTURE: Next we went to Lusaka, Zambia, then flew back to S. Africa to Pretoria then to Kimberly. There Kimo did LaRed training to Govt, business & church leaders to create Kingdom Culture to impact their nation long term! Everyone that did a “round table” loved the quick results and wanted to start the program.

GIVING into ETERNITY: Lusaka is a modern city where Pastor Felix’s church is. He was with us the whole 3 weeks, organizing the events and connections. His Church of God church gives 80% of the income to missions & evangelism. Not 80% of the left over, but of the total that comes in. Thats why they are so blessed, effective and seeing God do amazing miracles. Their heart is on eternity.

SET ON FIRE: We did a Treasure Hunt teaching to the youth then took them to the mall to hunt. They were scared and timid, at first. After seeing the clues God had given them lead to real people, they saw how easy it was to approach people, share Jesus and pray for them. After 2 hours they wouldn’t stop. They keep going after people, even with just one clue, saying “You are God’s treasure!…” They were all so excited and shared wonderful testimonies. One girl who was the most timid in the beginning, kept telling her pastor testimonies and wouldn’t let him leave. She became so bold. They were on fire bec they saw God powerfully use them so easily.


CONFERENCES: Treasure Hunts did the same in Pretoria & Kimberly, the youth were set on fire for evangelism with power. All 3 pastors asked me to come back and do a city wide youth conference with all the churches together to empower their youth. So we will do 2 day conferences on Treasure Hunting, Hearing God, Prophecy & Healing the sick. We will teach a session then activate them in what they were just taught by taking them to the streets to watch it work as the word comes alive. Glory.

CAN’T STOP: Praise was extravagant yet sincere there lasting 1 to 2.5 hours. They entered so easily into the spirit, loving God with all their heart, soul, mind & strength. Even at night in a park after doing a street crusade, they spontaneously danced & praised for 1/2 hour. It was beautiful.

GREAT INCREASE: 2016 has 5 trips planned already. God is stretching us to spread this end time revival fire. Check it out at & see how you can get involved.