Baby Shark do do da do

Winter Missions trip in Fla for 3 months. Last October in Fla we ministered in 12 cities in 3 weeks training. We will be all over the state this winter and want to establish Healing Evangelism in several places. 

Contact us for training on How to Heal the sick in 10 seconds & how to live in God’s presence, see in the spirit & reign from the Throne Room.

Also we plan to enjoy Fla this trip. We are always so busy and we Love it. Nothing is more fun than seeing people come alive when healing the sick or being healed or taking people into Heavenly Places. It is always amazing! But we need to have some recreation also.

Got any ideas? Hook us up or invite us over for dinner.

God’s making it easier for everyone. It’s increasing.

I wish we could list all the transformed lives impacted, eternally. 

People fall so in love with Jesus when they experience him!!

It’s like we are sons of God or something.

It’s that easy? 

During street healing, I tell a guy to just say “GO!” And they were healed. 

“What? It’s that easy?” Yeap!

Easy Evangelism:

1st words out of their mouth are “Where do you go to church?” after they are healed. Miracles make evangelism so easy, finally.

Atmospheric glory:

Several got healed just walking in the room or coming up for prayer.

Many healed when I handed them my business card. “What?!!!!! The pains gone.” Thats Jesus. He loves you…

Hugs from Heaven:

1-Lady crying in pain from 7 back surgeries, I hugged her, flooding her with God’s love, presence & glory. All pain left & she twisted & bent over freely.

2-Another lady dropped an iron frying pan on her foot, I laughed then hugged her & all pain was gone moving & walking perfectly.

Instant results:

Many who had been praying for the sick often, but seeing no change, after our training go out with us and see major instant healings of Fibromyalgia & major back pain. 

Many believing God for healing for 10- 20 years were healed in seconds.

Just a few simple changes from our teaching, in how to believe, dominion & action, gave results.

Churches say they are having huge growth using our teachings: 1- personally, realizing who they are and what they can do as sons of God. 2- Healing people as you go… bringing them in. 3- in intimacy with God, visions & revelations.

Oh Heavenly Places:

Experiences as we take people into the Throne Room have been extravagant, unspeakable & full of glory. People are propelled into Father God’s arms of love as they experience the reality of the spirit realm, seeing in the spirit and going right into visions.

Glory to God. 

His word is so alive & powerful. 


22 is double double 

We want to duplicate ourselves.

Establishing Healing Evangelism ministries in 2 groups in Fla this winter, then 2 in 2 other states and 2 in 2 other countries this year so they can be full time ministers traveling & training others in Healing Evangelism to build God’s kingdom easily & powerfully!! 




You know what should be yours. ALL Things… Eph1:3, 2Pet1:3-4

Extreme miracles, visions, provision, More than you can ask or think. Eph3:20

They could not enter in bec of UNBELIEF. Heb3:18

“I don’t believe you can do it.” “I don’t believe I qualify.” …

Stop making excuses. 

It really gets God angry when you don’t believe what he said. Heb3:8-12

Stop trying to make it happen with natural effort and works. Heb4:4,10

It’s HIS ABILITY, not your ability that gets you there.


Enter HIS REST. Heb4:1,9

SIMPLY BELIEVE, trust, rest, see it & act like “it is finished”.

Keep it simple. 


Now it the time. Num13:30

Unless you come as a little child, you can not enter the kingdom.

Make a quick & simple change & say

Sorry for doubting you & making excuses in my mind.

“Yes Daddy. 

I believe you.”


We are moving:

We are selling our home in Virginia and we will be moving our base to … Fla

God told us Gen12:1-3

Get out of your country from your family and from your father’s house, (we have been living in my father’s house the past 7 years) to a land I will show you.

I will bless you and you will be a blessing.

And I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you,

and through you families all over the earth will be blessed.


God is doing something greater & easier.

Demonstrating his Love Power & Glory in the streets and being Kings in the spirit realm is a huge part of this next move of God!! 

Everyone is hungry for truth.

The harvest is ripe. Let’s goooooooo!


We’d love to come minister with you, your church or group. 

Contact us to see when we can schedule it.

434 446 0410

Thank you for your prayers love encouragement & support.

We love you & you are unlimited!