2016 Peru = 3568 Salvations & 388 Healings – Shocking Testimonies

Watch a 10 year old paralyzed girl stand for the first time in 3 months, then walk free. Please Share this good news.
3 weeks in Peru, like Living The Book of Acts & walking w Jesus everyday.
3568 Salvations & 388 Instant Healings. Thank you Jesus!

In the Jungles and the Andes mountains, the team ministered in 3 park crusades, on the streets, in schools & churches. Teaching people to lay hands on the sick & see them healed.
We can teach you to do the same. kickstart.You’ve got to come experience this on one of our Next Trips.

Thank you for sowing into the Harvest, Eternity & the Great Commission.

If you gave into this abundant harvest, Great is your reward… Now & forever.
If not, get in on the next one, Luke10:2 Send laborers into the harvest field bec the laborers are few. Keep us out in the fields!  We are blessed, God provides! Anyone else you know getting this kind of results for $3/soul to populate heaven? You Sow = We Go!

Click the pic to watch the video.