Best Year Yet! What makes it so Incredible? What makes us so Unique? Church Explosions & Amazing Miracles

 2016 the BEST YEAR yet ! CELEBRATE with us !

  • 10,458 people ministered to.
  • 5,237 gave their lives to Jesus. Populating Heaven!
  • 1,236 instantly healed & demonstrating they were healed.
  • 504 people trained and healed the sick.


  • 95% of our results this year were done by those we just trained to win souls & heal the sick.
  • 95% of those ministered to were in public, on the streets, outside the church.
  • 95% of those prayed for were instantly healed. 4% felt change & something happening.

This proves it is not a “special healing gift” on me, but teaching people their identity, who they are and what they can do with Jesus inside of them.

Video at the Bottom of this page of 2016 trips.

What God has called to do is unique, powerful, leaving a trail of revival & people in love with Jesus!

Highest Results. Shocking Miracles. Greatest Impact. Most Healings. Glory to Glory! Check out these highlights.


  • 3 people that could not walk at all got out of their wheelchairs and walked freely. One was a 10 yr old girl had not stood up in 3 months. Another was an old lady with a broken hip waiting for an operation, felt the bones going back in place, the pain was gone and she got up free!
  • a 5 year old boy who had never used his legs, never crawled or stood up, after prayer, stood & walked.
  • At many schools, we had kids that had just gotten saved lay hands on their friends who needed healing, they were both shocked and excited when the pain left and they were healed.
  • A 15 year old boy wanted to see a miracle. I said see one? Lets go do one. We found a lady in a wheelchair half paralyzed by a stroke. He prayed, she moved both lets and he helped her up to walk. The next lady had a tumor that disappeared when he prayed. He realized God could use him even as a kid.
  • Girl with fibromyalgia, had to stop her job & college, went into the hospital for a month and couldn’t even feed herself, all pain left, could bend, jump and move her fingers freely.
  • Many places we had the sick pray for the sick and both were healed.
  • Trained churches then took them out on the street. So many testimonies by those who had never laid hands on the sick before. Man with Lupas for 16 years with pain in legs and chest, instantly gone. Lady with 5 operations could barely move her neck, could move freely with no pain. 30 year old lady was alway in pain from a back accident when she was 5, all pain gone and moving freely + 100s more


  • Went to a church that after 2 years had only 13 people. We trained them and in 1 hour they went door to door and saw 31 instant healings and 26 people saved. The church exploded.
  • People called from both sides of the street “Come over here and pray for us” after training a group in street healing. After people were healed they ran to get others to be healed then called us to come back and pray. This happened to 2 groups trying to go down the street.
  • Another church plant after 6 months had only 5 people. After training them in Power Evangelism they have 40 people on fire.
  • A discouraged church had 15 people after 5 years. As we visited a home before the service we prayed for 2 people who were healed. They ran to get others needing healing, 3 more were healed. Word spread so at church there were 60 people, some even looking in the windows, many more were healed. One man about 50 years old who had never been to church said “I never believed in God, but after seeing my wife healed, now I do” and he gave his life to Jesus!

Thousands of people were Extremely Transformed and they are continuing to share the good things God has done for them! Plus over 5000 new souls will be Heaven one day. You will meet these people in Heaven and they will thank you forever for sending us to bring salvation to them! Romans 10:14-15 How can they believe unless they hear? How can they hear without a preacher? How can one preach unless he is sent?

Thank you for your love, prayers and support that made this happen.


We see many missions groups doing good things, giving food, buildings, medical, water wells… but almost no body is winning souls. It takes more than seeing Jesus in your eyes to build the kingdom and rescue souls from hell. Some are winning souls, but lack discipleship to sustain long term growth. And big time ministries have a big following, big budgets, ministering to those already in church and only a small percentage goes to the Great Commission to win the world to Jesus.

WHEN WE LEAVE THE GROWTH CONTINUES bec we are always discipling & training others. They have been taught their identity, who they are and what they can do with Jesus inside of them.

2017 we go have 4 trips of 1 – 2 months each to:

Colombia, Ecuador, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Colombia again, South Africa & Zambia.

PRAY FOR US! Our Results Doubled last year, even though we had to cancel 2 trips. But Thailand & Africa are still begging us come. Incredible doors are open for us . The Harvesting is easy!

PLEASE PRAY for provision, partners & laborers to work with us so we can more effectively reach these 7 nations!!!

* We need more people on these team trips to help us win souls. the harvest is ready, but the laborers are few. Pray for laborers to join us.

* Monthly partners so we can have consistent income to make plans. We live on miracle provision.

  • WE PLAN THESE TRIPS THAT COST $4,000 – $8,000 EACH WITH ONLY $512 OF KNOWN MONTHLY SUPPORT. The rest is variable & miracles.

Thank you for being a miracle, variable or monthly partner. You make these results happen. These results go to your eternal account.

Be a part of what God is doing here!

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Thank you for your Love, Prayers & Support !

We Love You & you are Awesome!

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