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Winter Missions Trip Fla. Atmospheric Healings, Its so easy, God’s giving you the Promised Land

Kings Arise & take Dominion – USA coast to coast – ALL Authority lives in you – Instant Revival Fire

Philippines Youth continuing to train others in Miracle Evangelism

The youth’s stories of personal transformation are beautiful. They said, “We expected to sit in the back with our friends as we go to the special meetings. But the 1st day we are doing miracles on the streets. The 2nd day he has us leading others on the streets doing door to door healing. The […]

Why I Stopped Praying for the Sick

Jesus will be the only name remembered and glorified. This Miracle Awakening is a move of God! We all want to see World Wide Revival & outpouring, Everyone drawn to Jesus, not a man, not a ministry, not me. No Heroes but Jesus! When I pray for people and they get healed, they love me, […]

As You Go – Healings: Lupus, Shoulder implant, Crutches

Beautiful Emotional Life Transformations as people are healed by those we just trained! 3 short videos. 1,2,3: 1- Needed a plastic shoulder implant, Family shocked she can lift her arm, falls on floor crying. 2- Lady on crutches 4 months “What did you do to me? The Pain is Gone!” 3- Look at his friends crying as he […]

Miracle Awakening Team $1200+ air Missions Colombia July 22

YOU will DO Extreme Miracles Every Day, Guaranteed! SUMMER IN COLOMBIA- MISSIONS INTENSIVE TEAM TRIP: July 22-30 or July22-Aug 6 Come experience the Miracle Awakening and see what true revival is like. This is a Jump Start Missions Intensive with daily teaching with no holding back. You’re at the front lines, Immersed with the fullness […]

Miracle Awakening – Colombia Jan& Feb – 747 Healed by those we just trained!

747 Healed + 1055 Saved + 404 Trained = Miracle Awakening. Fast highlights of 7 videos of Jan&Feb Colombia. Watch Gang Revival, Extreme Miracles by youth, Kids Healing door to door, Street healings. Kids doing the healing in churches. Churches instantly exploding with growth. 95% were instantly healed, 95% by those we just trained to […]

Watch Kids Heal the Adults – “You have opened our mind”

?What? You started with KIDS praying for the SICK with 10 years of PAIN? Shouldn’t you start kids with something easy? I did. IT’S ALL EASY if GOD is in YOU. * At the end of the service, the kids prayed for everyone that was sick. Pastor said “YOU HAVE OPENED OUR MIND TO WHAT WE […]

4 Extreme Miracles by youth praying for each other, CCF Colombia

4 Extreme Healings by youth off to the side of Randy Clark’s meeting at CCF in Colombia as I teach them to pray for each other. 1- Born w leg 1″ short & twisted knees, girl runs freely 2- Guy on crutches for 4 years runs & throws down crutch. 3- Eyes healed sees screen for […]