Why I Stopped Praying for the Sick

Jesus will be the only name remembered and glorified. This Miracle Awakening is a move of God! We all want to see World Wide Revival & outpouring, Everyone drawn to Jesus, not a man, not a ministry, not me. No Heroes but Jesus!

When I pray for people and they get healed, they love me, reach out to me, people come running to me, want me to come back, blah blah blah. They think I am gifted and special. Nope.
Its not about me, but Jesus. We want people to follow Jesus. Not me.
I have others pray for the sick so they see Jesus as their source, not me!
Jesus in every believer wanting to get out and show His power & love to everyone.



We train believers to heal the sick by realizing the fullness of God is in them. So when people are healed, they realize it is not the person, but Jesus. THEY FALL IN LOVE WITH JESUS, not any person. When others lay hands on the sick, they know it is Gods power in them and they fall more in Love With Jesus!
We get other believers today hands on the sick, so they know it is not a special gift on us, but God’s power in them!!!

In the last 9 months we have seen over 1500 people healed, 95% by those we just trained to heal the sick, These are not big meetings or crusades, its one at a time, training others to do the works of Jesus . Many have never seen a miracle before. 95% on the streets. I don’t pray for them so they don’t look to us, but realize it is Jesus in every believer doing the miracles.

Too many people are trying to build THEIR ministry instead of GOD”S KINGDOM. Their face is in every picture, showing what they can do, that they got the anointing. Not any more.

But God is doing a New Thing, pouring his Spirit out on all flesh. This Miracle Awakening is for everyone, the Sleeping Giant is waking up to what we have in Christ and what we can do.
All creation is waiting for the sons of God to reveal themselves Rom8:19. and bring Gods Love Power & Glory everywhere they go.

Watch other videos and see it is Not us praying for the sick but those just trained.

Share this to encourage others to go heal the sick, it does NOT take a special gift.
Go out and Love someone

As You Go – Healings: Lupus, Shoulder implant, Crutches

Beautiful Emotional Life Transformations as people are healed by those we just trained! 3 short videos.

1,2,3: 1- Needed a plastic shoulder implant, Family shocked she can lift her arm, falls on floor crying. 2- Lady on crutches 4 months “What did you do to me? The Pain is Gone!” 3- Look at his friends crying as he walks without his cane, healed of lupus, always in pain of level 10 instantly gone to 0!


1- SHOCKED that she can lift her arm again. She NEEDED A PLASTIC IMPLANT bec of little mobility & pain, 2 days ago she came home crying in pain. Now Jesus healed her. We were teaching a group to heal the sick door to door.  Today 18 were instantly healed & 13 saved! Go Jesus! She fell to the floor, surprised and thankful! “Thank You Jesus! I Love You! I Love You! I Love You!”


2- LADY on CRUTCHES 4 MONTHS walked by, I stopped her. “This is scary. All the Pain is Gone” “What Did You Do To Me? This was after a little girl just healed a lady inside. Over 20 were healed tonight as we trained them how simple it is to do Miracles. Christ in you, let Him out and he will show off!


3- LUPUS HEALED & his Leg GrewOut 1″. His Pain went from 10 to 0 & walked freely without his cane.  9 were healed & 15 saved tonight at a meeting in a clothing store. We had believers who had never prayed for healing before lay hands on them & they ALL were healed. Another Disease & Devil Bites the Dust! Sons of God Revealed Miracle Awakening Jesus is the only hero.


We are teaching a simple message of Christ in you and easy mustard seed faith. They keep saying “A Miracle is that easy?!” God is doing a Miracle Awakening.



BRAZIL: Aug 22-Sept 5 – We are taking 1 Colombian with us to mentor him as he helps us train more people. Cost = $3,700

PANAMA:  Sept 5 – 18 – We are taking 4 Colombians with us to greatly increase our effectiveness as they help us train more believers to get out on the streets and heal the sick. Cost = $2,700


Help us Reach More, Train more, Change More Lives, Transform Nations & Populate Heaven.

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Miracle Awakening Team $1200+ air Missions Colombia July 22

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YOU will SEE and DO Extreme Miracles Every Day, Guaranteed!

$1200 +air (~600) for 1st week. $800 more for 2nd week. 

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What’s so Unique about a Kick / Jump Start

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In a few hours, we’ll start our 45 hour trip to Dipolog Philippines. We leave home 6:am Friday 14, arrive Sunday 16th at 3:15 pm, (-12hr time change). First meeting Sunday night at 7: Lets Do This.

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Look what God is doing…

2x Results, 3x Leaders to Train, 4x Countries this year.

2x: God doubled the Harvest last year:
2016 = 10,458 Ministered to + 5,237 Salvations + 1,236 Healed + 504 Trained
2015 =   5,000 Ministered to + 2,217 Salvations +   248 Healed + 400 Trained

3x: We can train 3 times as many people to do Power Evangelism.
Last year 95% of healings were instant, 95% on the streets, 95% by those we just trained.

4x: The potential to impact 12 countries this year.
2017 = Colombia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, England.

We have a mandate from God, we have to do this.

?Did you see the Miracle Awakening video of the unbelievable results we just had in Jan & Feb this year in Colombia?

The Potential is there. The Harvest is ready. They are begging us to come. Last year we canceled 2 trips, we cannot leave thousands of people lost, hurting & hopeless again.

2x the costs,
3x the work,
4x as many different beds slept in. We’ve slept in 18 different beds already this year.

What’s it really cost?
$21,000 is all it cost us to win 5000 souls & see 1200 healed & disciple 404 people. How many other ministries see this kind of results on such a low budget? With only 5 monthly supporters?
$32,000 is our budget this year, 50% increase to see 2x, 3x or 4x the increase. This is why we are the most fruitful place to invest in the kingdom. Just looking at the fruit.

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Why is this a Miracle Awakening ?
See miracles caught on film, see healings manifest right before your eyes.
Watch the Miracle Awakening Colombia Jan&Feb short
Watch the Gang Healing Revival video here
Watch the Kids Healing on the streets video


? ! ? Do You Want To Do This Too ?!?
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PANAMA : – – – – – AUG 18 – 25, 2017
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EUROPE : – – – – – SEPT 4 – 26, 2017
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Miracle Awakening – Colombia Jan& Feb – 747 Healed by those we just trained!

747 Healed + 1055 Saved + 404 Trained = Miracle Awakening. Fast highlights of 7 videos of Jan&Feb Colombia. Watch Gang Revival, Extreme Miracles by youth, Kids Healing door to door, Street healings. Kids doing the healing in churches. Churches instantly exploding with growth.
95% were instantly healed, 95% by those we just trained to heal the sick, Mostly on the Streets & by Youth!
“A miracle is that easy!?!” and “No pill can remove pain that fast”

Come on a trip with us & you will do Extreme Healings everyday & see true Revival, July 22 in Colombia. Experience new passion for Jesus & people as you are immersed in his Love & Power. You are Unlimited! Be the light & watch darkness flee! Arise Shine, His Glory is on YOU!
We Guarantee if you come with us you WILL heal the sick and see many miracles. Guaranteed.

THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOU. Sons of God, Reveal yourselves Rom8:19.
NOW IS THE TIME TO GO ! Jesus already said 5 times the Great Commission = GO INTO ALL THE WORLD & Preach, make Disciples and Teach.
God is pouring His Spirit out on all flesh.
Come with us and help us reap this Abundant Harvest!

Help us Reach More, Change More Lives, Transform Nations & Populate Heaven. Great is your Reward.

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Watch Kids Heal the Adults – “You have opened our mind”

?What? You started with KIDS praying for the SICK with 10 years of PAIN? Shouldn’t you start kids with something easy? I did. IT’S ALL EASY if GOD is in YOU.
* At the end of the service, the kids prayed for everyone that was sick.
Kids said “When Can We Go Out Witnessing & Do This More”
* The other service, we had a girl that just gave her life to Jesus pray for people with 5 years or more of pain. 2 were instantly healed, 2 after second prayer, 1 felt 50% healed!
* At the end, we taught people to pray for themselves & others, 80% were healed.
Come on a trip with us!
or Help us keep Impacting Nations! GoHarvesting.com/support 

This video contains a lot of details for training purposes.


4 Life transforming miracles as I teach youth to pray for each other.

4 Extreme Miracles by youth praying for each other, CCF Colombia

4 Extreme Healings by youth off to the side of Randy Clark’s meeting at CCF in Colombia as I teach them to pray for each other.

1- Born w leg 1″ short & twisted knees, girl runs freely

2- Guy on crutches for 4 years runs & throws down crutch.

3- Eyes healed sees screen for first time & bursts into tears.

4- Arthritis pain 5 years gone, moving legs wildly.

Plus 3 others were healed that weren’t as dramatic: shoulder, suicide/depression, back.

They were all surprised as I had THEM pray for each other.

A guy asked me why don’t I pray for them? Bec you would think I’m a special powerful minister & thank me. If you pray, you will see that it is Jesus in you that is powerful, praise Him & fall more in love with Him !!!

Detailed stories of girl born with twisted kneed and short let & Disappointed Crutch guy below.

1 A 22 yr old girl came up Born with a leg 1″ short & knees twisted in. I had another girl pray for her leg to grow out. “?Me pray?” Yes you have the same Jesus in you. After 4 min her legs were even & knees straight. Walk. She said it felt different. The other girl said we always made fun of how she used walked. Run. She ran and said she couldn’t run bec her knees were bent in and would hit each other. Glory!

2 Cruthes guy was so disappointed, hurt & angry as he walked away from the stage. The crowd of 2000 was down to 50 people left, The team of 35 had almost all gone up to eat and a few people were still praying for people up front. I see the cutch guy hobbling away after many had prayed for him & he didn’t get his healing. I went to him & said I know you have been prayed for many times already, but these guys haven’t prayed for you yet. They are awesome. They have just healed each other of short legs, bad eyes… The Fullness of God is in them. Let them pray 1 more time.

The group of 7 laid hands on him, spoke life, strength, healing… He could bend a little but still hurt. Its working! Again. A little less pain. Again. They kept enforcing God’s will be done on earth as in Heaven! Take the crutch away. Try to walk. They held him up. He put weight on his foot. It worked. but pain. Rebuke the pain. Walk. (This is Working of miracles) They helped him, them let him go. They shouted bec they all knew him. keep walking & speaking life, strength. He felt good. Run. They all shouted as he ran back & forth. He took his crutch and threw it down and said I Don’t Need You Anymore!!  Glory to God!!

I keep crying & crying for joy at what God is doing! Thank you Jesus for letting me go to work w Daddy today & watching him do miracles. This stuff is incredible. You gotta come on a trip with us & experience this yourself!


We love you. You are Awesome!

Gang Healing Revival video at bottom of Update, click here

View earlier post: What Makes Us so Unique, the Best Year Yet 2016


Gangs, Mayors, Parks & Miracles in Colombia Jan 2017

Here are brief highlights of Jan.  A Gangs comes to Jesus then starts healing each other. Healings in the Mayor’s office. Park miracles flow for an hour. Please watch the Update & Gang videos below. They will blow your mind. We are so Honored by the incredible glory of God that is manifesting in Colombia.

We needed to ask the Mayor if we could do our outreach in the park. The secretary asked what we could do. We said “Sharing Gods love and value for everyone and healing the sick”. she said “Healing the sick?”. Yes, let me show you. Who has pain or sickness in your body? All 4 ladies did. I had the pastor’s daughter pray for them and they were healed. They said we should come back to minister to more in the offices.

At the park we did our balloons, beach ball, drama & presented the gospel. But when we explained healing, no body would say they had pain or sickness. After a long while, one lady raised her hand. The pastors daughter, who is new to healing the sick on the streets, laid hands on her and she was healed. Once they saw it worked, people kept coming for an hour and were getting healed. As people walked near to see what the crowd was about, they heard the healing testimonies then asked for prayer.

In 4 days  91 people were healed and 56 gave their lives to Jesus. of course we didn’t pray for anyone, we let other believers lay hands on them so they would see it was Jesus’ power in them, not us gringos.

Next week we will be leading teams for Randy Clark of Global Awakening.

Watch the Update & Gang Healing Revival videos below.

View previous post: What Makes Us so Unique, the Best Year Yet 2016


2016 Summer: Amazon, Peru, Brazil + 7 cities in Colombia

Summer Missions Intensive in 3 countries & 7 cities = 481 People were instantly Healed & 577 gave their lives to Jesus by 279 believers we trained to get out of the church & share Gods love!

We focused on training people to heal the sick on the street, get immediate results to open their hearts to become a child of God! Their lives were EXTREMELY CHANGED. Thank you Lord Jesus!
Youth groups, home groups & churches exploded with 2x or 3x growth instantly JUST by SHARING the LOVE with POWER & Demonstration. They were set on fire with passion for souls, miracles & Gods presence just by going out & being shown how easy it is.

We Go Make Disciples = do what Jesus did and train others to do the same. We saw many people who just gave their lives to Jesus pray and heal the sick. Then those just healed pray and heal someone else. They think thats what Christians always do… witness, heal the sick & share the Love of God with everyone. Fear not little flock, it is your Fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom! 

Lets Go! Truly the Harvest is Great, but the laborers few, pray to send laborers into the fields. Luke10:2
VACATION with a PURPOSE ! Join us some time: Visited 3 countries, eat exotic food, rent motorcycles, Impact nations, heal the sick, win souls, populate Heaven, helping & sacrificing for others. It’s life changing!
A 13 year old girl on a missions trip told her dad “This is a fun family vacation”. 

Thank you for sowing into the Great Commission: to Disciple & Harvest the Nations!! This is your harvest.
Great is your reward!

Click below to Play

2016 Peru = 3568 Salvations & 388 Healings – Shocking Testimonies

Watch a 10 year old paralyzed girl stand for the first time in 3 months, then walk free. Please Share this good news.
3 weeks in Peru, like Living The Book of Acts & walking w Jesus everyday.
3568 Salvations & 388 Instant Healings. Thank you Jesus!

In the Jungles and the Andes mountains, the team ministered in 3 park crusades, on the streets, in schools & churches. Teaching people to lay hands on the sick & see them healed.
We can teach you to do the same. kickstart.You’ve got to come experience this on one of our Next Trips.

Thank you for sowing into the Harvest, Eternity & the Great Commission.

If you gave into this abundant harvest, Great is your reward… Now & forever.
If not, get in on the next one, Luke10:2 Send laborers into the harvest field bec the laborers are few. Keep us out in the fields!  We are blessed, God provides! Anyone else you know getting this kind of results for $3/soul to populate heaven? You Sow = We Go!

Click the pic to watch the video.