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Why most believers aren’t seeing instant healings, but can.

Why I Stopped Praying for the Sick

Jesus will be the only name remembered and glorified. This Miracle Awakening is a move of God! We all want to see World Wide Revival & outpouring, Everyone drawn to Jesus, not a man, not a ministry, not me. No Heroes but Jesus! When I pray for people and they get healed, they love me, […]

As You Go – Healings: Lupus, Shoulder implant, Crutches

Beautiful Emotional Life Transformations as people are healed by those we just trained! 3 short videos. 1,2,3: 1- Needed a plastic shoulder implant, Family shocked she can lift her arm, falls on floor crying. 2- Lady on crutches 4 months “What did you do to me? The Pain is Gone!” 3- Look at his friends crying as he […]

Miracle Awakening Team $1200+ air Missions Colombia July 22

YOU will DO Extreme Miracles Every Day, Guaranteed! SUMMER IN COLOMBIA- MISSIONS INTENSIVE TEAM TRIP: July 22-30 or July22-Aug 6 Come experience the Miracle Awakening and see what true revival is like. This is a Jump Start Missions Intensive with daily teaching with no holding back. You’re at the front lines, Immersed with the fullness […]

Miracle Awakening – Colombia Jan& Feb – 747 Healed by those we just trained!

747 Healed + 1055 Saved + 404 Trained = Miracle Awakening. Fast highlights of 7 videos of Jan&Feb Colombia. Watch Gang Revival, Extreme Miracles by youth, Kids Healing door to door, Street healings. Kids doing the healing in churches. Churches instantly exploding with growth. 95% were instantly healed, 95% by those we just trained to […]

Watch Kids Heal the Adults – “You have opened our mind”

?What? You started with KIDS praying for the SICK with 10 years of PAIN? Shouldn’t you start kids with something easy? I did. IT’S ALL EASY if GOD is in YOU. * At the end of the service, the kids prayed for everyone that was sick. Pastor said “YOU HAVE OPENED OUR MIND TO WHAT WE […]

4 Extreme Miracles by youth praying for each other, CCF Colombia

4 Extreme Healings by youth off to the side of Randy Clark’s meeting at CCF in Colombia as I teach them to pray for each other. 1- Born w leg 1″ short & twisted knees, girl runs freely 2- Guy on crutches for 4 years runs & throws down crutch. 3- Eyes healed sees screen for […]

Gangs, Mayors, Parks & Miracles in Colombia Jan 2017

Here are brief highlights of Jan.  A Gangs comes to Jesus then starts healing each other. Healings in the Mayor’s office. Park miracles flow for an hour. Please watch the Update & Gang videos below. They will blow your mind. We are so Honored by the incredible glory of God that is manifesting in Colombia. We needed […]

Best Year Yet! What makes it so Incredible? What makes us so Unique? Church Explosions & Amazing Miracles

 2016 the BEST YEAR yet ! CELEBRATE with us ! 10,458 people ministered to. 5,237 gave their lives to Jesus. Populating Heaven! 1,236 instantly healed & demonstrating they were healed. 504 people trained and healed the sick. WHAT MAKES THIS SO INCREDIBLE ? 95% of our results this year were done by those we just trained […]

2016 Summer: Amazon, Peru, Brazil + 7 cities in Colombia

Summer Missions Intensive in 3 countries & 7 cities = 481 People were instantly Healed & 577 gave their lives to Jesus by 279 believers we trained to get out of the church & share Gods love! We focused on training people to heal the sick on the street, get immediate results to open their […]