We make ministry Fun because its Easy. You will be part of hands on ministry in schools, streets & the crusade. It will be so exciting to see how God will use you. If you can juggle, dance, sing, or something else, let us know so we cause your talents, abilities & desires for the glory of God.

1. You will just have a paragraph or 2 to say and the Holy Spirit will make the word come alive & powerful so you will see results! Choose a paragraph or section to memorize from the Street Crusade parts (let us know what parts you choose). PRINT & BRING these with you.

2. You will also write out your testimony to say in 3-4 minutes. This is your Salvation testimony or something else God has done in your life. Your testimony is simply: 1 – how it was (Brief). 2- What caused a change/ how you received Jesus / acted on the word. 3 – How things are better now.

3. Prepare a 10 minute Teaching to give during devotions one morning to our team or to a youth or kids group or in a church.

4. Read & Print the Soul Winning script to see how easy it is to lead someone to making Jesus Lord.

Click the Button on the right. Then click Download to Download & PRINT & BRING with you the ministry sheets.