2013 Winter: Guatemala winter trip

We have been invited back to help with Cross Culture Jesus. They said we made such an impact on their team, the kids and the churches that they want us to stay longer to bring love, joy, healing, blessing and to expand their ministry outreaches.

We have such a heart for needy children to show them the love they deserve and how valuable they are. When we do crusades, children flock around and watch for hours while setting up. So we have decided to develop a full children’s crusade to do before our “adult” crusades. We are excited to train teams to harvest these young treasures.

Kids can change the country.




2013 Fall: Kenya Results

Kenya was full of surprises. The landscape, the people, the results. Amazing! I went with 2 other ministers from Faith Landmarks Ministries in Richmond, Va. to hold leadership conferences in 4 cities in a week. We also offered them to be a part of FLM Fellowship of Ministers, Ordination and the FLM Bible school correspondence course all free. They were so encouraged. Some were excited to be able to start the Bible School in their churches.