WHO I REALLY AM as a Child of God

This is a list of over 100 verses that tell us who we are as a child of God, what we have as an inheritance and what has already been given to us. These are not things we are trying to get, but what Jesus purchased for us on the cross! I have been reading developing this list over 25 years and still read it many times a week and often daily.

Download this to your phone & print a copy of it to keep in your Bible. You may not agree with everything, but as you look up the verses for each and see that in context, these really are true for you now.

Read, look up and meditate on 5 or more of these Every Day until we leave so you will be convinced by the Word how Valuable, Loved & Powerful you are as a child of God!

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Print it & Download it to your phone. Read it Daily.

More Explanation of the Power of the I AM sheet

People often ask how we are so effective, powerful, joyful, have such incredible results and are so confident & bold.

Its by Knowing WHO I AM as a child of God, what our inheritance is, our authority, the power we carry and whats already been given to us.

This 1 page WHO I AM declaration that proves You are Loved, Incredible, Created for purpose, Valuable, already Blessed, Always in His Presence, Filled with His Glory… It reminds us of what is already true, who God says I am and what Jesus bought for me at the cross.

I have been reading & developing this list of scriptures for 25 years and still read it many times a week or daily when I feel limited or find myself thinking on temporal circumstances instead of eternal truth.

Meditating on this word daily transforms your mind, Rom12:2, to prove & display the will of God. As we look at who we truly are, we are transformed more and more into His image 2Cor4:18 going from glory to glory. Mark11:23 Believe & You will have whatever you say.

Reading these verses, that are alive & powerful Heb4:12, makes me realize the truth of who I am as a New Creation 2Cor5:17 that old things are passed away, all things are made new. So once I see it, I can believe it, it comes alive and I live it. I receive the revelation of what a Son is. Rom8:19 All creation is waiting for the Sons of God to awaken to the revelation of who they are. Arise Shine for your light has come and the Glory of the Lord IS ON YOU, not going to be, not if you pray enough, it IS on you!

This is how we really do carry God’s Love, Power & Glory to the nations, people experience it and their lives are changed forever.

Many people see these verses as future or something to be obtained, prayed for, achieved or earned, but they are what have been given & what has been purchased at the cross. If you disagree, thats ok, take the ones you like. Look up all the verses in the Bible in context and see for self what God is saying to you. Be convinced by the Word. See what he is revealing is yours Now to walk in, fully equipped to represent Him & establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

Print this out, keep a copy in your Bible, in your bathroom. You’re going to love the effect it has on you.
Download it to your phone so you can enjoy the fact that “I AM with you a Always”.