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YOU will SEE God do Amazing HEALINGS through YOUR HANDS!
EVERY Believer can jump into this Miracle Awakening that is happening worldwide. People keep saying “a Miracle is that Easy?”
This will get Any Beginner Started! No experience needed. Many people dont even believe in miracles until they see someone healed by their hand.
Attached is a basic Street Healing teaching that gets 95% results. Showing you why it works so easy + who you are + the authority & power in you + how to approach people + what to say.
I know, its too simple. Later you can work into shadow healing, pointing, handing them something, laughing, baptizing …
No More Heroes. No More Special Giftings. Jesus is the only name remembered & glorified! People fall so in love with Jesus (not a man or ministry) when they experience Gods love & power in & through them!!!

YES. As I Go, I will demonstrate God’s Love for people by Healing the sick.

Freely we receive, Freely Give
Take this teaching & TEACH it everywhere.

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Street Healing Training
This is just a basic training, but produces 95% results, on the streets by those we just trained.

1 Not a special Gift. Miracle Awakening in All Believers. Disciples do what Jesus did. 

2 God is in you, act like it:  John1:12,16, 3:34, 14:12, Col 2:9-10 =HIS BODY New believer heals all

Believe=Sons=His Fullness in you. Speak for God. Not a little Jesus in you, Spirit unlimited. Reveal to world who you are. Everyone wants what you have. Waiting for a son of God to come set them free.

3 Wake Up: Isaiah 60:1, Eph 1:18-19, 3:19-20, 5:1, Rom 8:19  =DONKEY          15 yr old

Wake up, sleeping giant, open eyes, inheritance=great power, Know His ability in you. Imitate God

4 Authority, As you go: Matt10:1,7-8, Mark16:15-20, 1Cor2:4-5, 4:20   Mayors office

As you Go: 5x, not religious debate, Demonstrate Gods power love presence, Authority & Power over all devils & sickness. Everywhere you go: heal, incurable, dead. freely give. Compassion!

5 Finished, Gods not deciding: 1Peter 2:24, Matt 8:17, Matt 9:5, Acts 5:12,14,16 40 yr back, shy

Easier to heal than to save, when healed they want to get saved. You were healed, purchased for all 2000 years ago the same as forgiveness, available for everyone anytime, Christmas gift. You do it too.

6 Casting out devils: John10:10, Luke13:11,16, Acts10:38, 1John3:8       Pain 12, cancer

Devils, almost 1/2 of Jesus’ healing he cast out the devil. Every time he told us to heal, he also said Cast out devils. Sickness is demonic oppression, spirit of infirmity. Jesus came to destroy devils work.

7 Light drives out darkness: Colossians 2:15, Ephesians 3:10, Matt 28:18, Luke10:17   Park, gang

Evict the defeated devils. He can not rule this area any more. Enforce Gods will on earth as in Heaven. Police: Badge of Authority & gun with power. You are light, as you Shine & bring life, darkness goes.

8 Simple Little Faith: Luke 17:6, Mark 11:23, Rom4:17, John14:12, 6:28 =BELIEVE new & scared

Faith as Mustard seed, Sickness Will Obey You. Doubt & fear is in your head but believe in heart = action = results. Speak to problem to go, speak answer into existence. Believe in Him not in yourself= Simple.

9 What to Say: Hold their hand or lay a hand on shoulder and say: (10 sec max)

1- “Every pain & sickness go.” 

2- “Every harassing spirit go. “

3- “Be healed in Jesus name.” 

Move it Now. Bend, walk, twist. What is happening? What is different? If not perfect, again, Enforce.

Details: Lay hands=obedience=faith=results. Fear or Solution, what you look at you get. 

What if something happens? 100s will be affected. In Jesus name=in His place, not wifi password.

Don’t ask, Enforce! Short 10 seconds! Long=no faith. Release Power, donkey, angels, presence.

10 Approach:  ! with Compassion ! 

We are showing people Gods love by healing. God is showing his love by doing miracles…

Intro: “I want to show you a miracle or “We are healing the sick or “What happened to your leg, arm… 

ANY pain or sickness we will make it leave Right NOW! Where is your pain? How bad is it? 0-10?

Lead them into salvation. 

To prove to you that Jesus really is in you now, Come with us, we will let you heal the next person.

Go tell what good things God’s done for you! Tell 5 people what just happened!                  

Let’s Go Love Somebody!

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