We are bearing fruit with an Abundant Harvest!

We are holding crusades and outreaches to neighborhoods, schools & hospitals to spread the great news & the healing power of Jesus Christ to spiritually hungry people. There are still many unevangelized areas and the harvest is ripe and abundant.

Who is going? Reaping the harvest & bearing fruit?

Of Bible school graduates:
94% stay in the US ministering to those already in church
5% go to evangelized nations
1% go to unreached people and are winning souls

1600 Saved, 240 Healed, 1 Church Started & Built

Recent Trips:

* August 2013
Kenya Africa: Held Leadership Conferences in 4 major cities
Ministered to 800 Pastor / Leaders
2nd week spoke in many meetings, churches & crusades
During the whole 2 weeks, Everyone who came for healing
said, demonstrated & proved they were healed! Glory!

* April & May 2012
Guatemala: Ministered in 3 major cities
With several ministries & churches
seeing many saved, healed and experiencing God.

* Sept – Nov 2011
Philippines: Orphanage & Childrens Home built
350 Saved & 141 Healed in 4 village Crusades.

* Jan & Feb 2011
Training a team of 12 to minister and heal the sick,

* July & Aug 2010
Philippines: 3180 Saved, 216+ testified Healed
19 Crusades, 3 Churches started + 3 Cell churches

* June 2010
Toronto Canada: Took a team of 10 to
Training them and ministering with 2 Filipino churches
Doing outreaches, skits, children’s ministry and meetings.

* March 2010
Kunming China: Leadership Training
Preaching in many underground Churches

* Jan & Feb 2010
Philippines: 550 Saved, 73 Healed
3 Crusades & 3 Churches started & Built

* Earlier trips
Haiti, Russia, Turkey, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Canada…

Join Us

Join us in harvesting and discipling these beautiful desperate people all over the world that God loves and wants in Heaven with us.
This is the life! You got to go on a trip with us!
Come experience the Rivers of Love Power & Glory of God flowing out of you into others! 

We are inviting you to team up together with us in the harvest and reward through prayer & financial support.

We need each other. If you send us we will go.
If you don’t send us, he may send you. Haha
Let’s go harvesting… together.

“Who will go for me,” says the Lord,

“to the forgotten, poor, far away and spiritually Hungry?”

We will go! Send us!

This is the Great Commission…

Matthew 28:19 Go make disciples of all nations, teaching them…
Mark 16:15 Go into all the world and preach the Good News…
Luke 24:47 Repentance and remission of sins should be preached to all nations…
John 20:21 As the Father sent me, I send you…
Acts 1:8 You shall be my witnesses … to the ends of the Earth.